What kind of dirty politics was played through the RTC lands?

The AP government, under the leadership of one who is 420 in AP, gave away prime properties owned by the APSRTC (Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation) to all the corporate conglomerations. And the ones who benefitted the most from this covetous decision taken by Chandrababu Naidu are his cronies.

Also, if we look at the revenue records, the lands belonging to RTC were valued at Rs 15,000 crores, but if it were to be sold in the market, it was expected to round up at Rs 50,000 crores or more.

However, what the Telugu Desam Party did is gave away all the valuable pieces of land to its Benamis. According to the records, the RTC owned around 8,643 sq. yards of property that accounts to 1.80 acres near the bus stand of Guntur, which was located adjacent to the regional manager’s office.

The presiding rate of the market was estimated to be around Rs. 1.5 lakhs a yard, and if we did the calculation by taking into account this value, then the lump sum should be Rs. 100 crores. If this valuable land were put to commercial use, it could have earned crores of money for the AP government.

Involvement of Nara Lokesh:

The RTC went ahead and handed over the tender to the businesses that were favored by the TDP government under the false pretext of the Swiss Challenge project. This wasn’t the end of the sinister activities of the one who is 420 in AP and his son Nara Lokesh along with his cronies.

They decided to lease out the valuable RTC lands at a lease rate, which would benefit the Swiss Challenge project contractor instead of the state of AP. Now, does that make sense to you about the dirty politics that was played by the TDP government?

Further, in this case, the truth was revealed, and we came to know that the Swiss Challenge project was being handled by a company named –Siddapradha based in Vijaywada. The owner of the business was a close associate of Nara Lokesh, and he was the sole participant in the Swiss Challenge’s tender.

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