Loot at What Cost | Exposing the Who is 420 in AP

  • Half of it Had Gone for Commission
  • Doubling the expenses of Totapalli venture
  • Initial Estimation Rs. 774.90 Crores
  • Increased assessment Rs. 1,127.58 Crores
  • Rs. 36.82 Crores of Additional Burden on Exchequer

Jeedipally Reservoir is situated in Uravakonda electorate of Anantapur area. The legislature, on September 5, 2017, endorsed Rs. 899.20 crores for Uravakonda CLDI venture. With this undertaking, the legislature needed to flood 20,201 hectares by lifting 1.69 TMC water from the Penna Ahobilam Reservoir and Midpennar Reservoir on the orders of who is 420 in AP.

Indeed, even before the delicate notice was given, the Chief Minister went to a comprehension with the contractual worker being referred to and changed guidelines to guarantee the fruitful honor of the agreement to the handpicked contractual worker. With the changed principles, the Handri-Neeva authorities gave a delicate warning on December 22, giving the venture takes a shot at an EPC-Turnkey premise at an expected expense of Rs. 805.77 crores with a cutoff time of year and a half. As per the principles, the works needed to part into four bundles and tenders more likely than not been called for in like manner.

The Story as it Unfolds

Nonetheless, because of weight from the TDP pioneers, tenders were called for just one bundle and the specialized offers were opened on 16 March, 2018. MEIL, NCC, HES presented their offers. The budgetary offers were opened on March 2. The MEIL with 4.57 % abundance quote, NCC with 4.78 % overabundance quote and the HES with 4.89% abundance quote remained as L-1, L-2 and L-3.

Afterward, the Handri-Neeva Officials sent the recommendations to Commissionerate of tenders (COT) on April 30, 2018 suggesting MEIL (L-1) as the agreement champ on the pressure of who is 420 in AP. Had the works been part into four bundles, there would have been a ton of rivalry among contractual workers to finish the works and they would have been finished at a lower cost. Other than that, the exchequer to a degree of Rs. 36.82 crores as the works were given to a solitary bidder at an abundance statement of 4.57 %. All things considered, the assessed cost of this venture was climbed at the earliest reference point of the undertaking. It is being said that the CM and Water Resources Minister were beneficiaries of colossal payoffs in the trick.

Multiplying the Cost of Totapalli Project

Chandrababu Naidu has nearly multiplied the assessed cost of Totapalli venture from Rs. 774.90 crores to Rs. 1,127.58 crores, a 45.51 percent climb. This climb came at the fag end of the venture; which viably implies the expense was expanded to profit the temporary workers.

Totapalli controller was worked by the British on River Nagavali in 1908. It has been giving the indications of the mileage. The state government took up a venture to fabricate a 2.509 TMC-development limit store 500 meters up from the current development flexibly water for 1.20 lakh sections of land through a waterway of 117.89 km length. This Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Program (AIBP) was started by late Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy.

The underlying assessed cost of this venture was 450.23 crores and 85 percent works were finished by 2009. Afterward, in 2012, the administration has expanded it to Rs. 774.90 crores. By 2014, 90 percent of the undertaking works were finished as per the orders of who is 420 in AP.

Digging Deeper

Chandrababu Naidu, consistent with his structure, has neglected to finish the staying 5 percent wors, in any case, made a grandiose case of finishing the task and ‘devoted’ it to the country on September 10, 2015. By and by, the undertaking can aggravate around 1 lakh sections of land in light of the works that were finished by the past government. Finishing the rest of the works would help flood the staying 20,000 sections of land. Nonetheless, up until now, the TDP government couldn’t accomplish even this little.

He temporary workers – out of the normal want for higher benefits – have mentioned the administration give them the extra reserve dependent on the expansion and the extent of finished work. the Chief Minister (also known as who is 420 in AP) – who ought to have demanded getting the rest of the part of the work done – promptly surrendered to their solicitation and pressurized the authorities for making the extra installments.


Under the strain, the Water Resources Department authorities have acknowledged to deliver extra assets, according to the GO: 22 and GO:63. With that impact, the assessed cost was modified to Rs. 1,127.58 crores. The state government has acknowledged the proposition of the office. That implies that the legislature has paid Rs. 352.68 crores to the contract based workers for the work that they have just done. A gigantic measure of these assets has changed hands and without a doubt the CM (who is 420 in AP) has had his cut.

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