Polavaram Project Draining by the 420 in AP: An In-Depth Analysis

Who is 420 in AP? It is someone who drains the economy of his state and makes nothing but tall claims. It is none other than the Ex-Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu. As per his claims, the Polavaram Project was to be completed by the year 2018 in the Kharif season that would have provided water to ensure proper irrigation process via the use of gravity.

However, as is known for this man, everything went south, and to date, the project is at its foundation stage.

How did Chandrababu Naidu bag the project only to never be accomplished?

Followed by his tall claims that turned out nothing but blatant lies, the man took the oath of office on 8th June 2014. In his term as the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, no progress of the Polavaram progress could ever be seen. In 4 and a half years of his terms, 4 Kharif seasons passed, and nothing could be shown as proof of the Polavaram project being fast-forwarded.

However, one thing that has, for sure, progressed for the Polavaram project is the estimated price tag for the same. Although there hasn’t been any progress in the construction phase, the overall budget kept on increasing time after time. At the beginning of the project, the overall cost of the same was INR 16,010.45 crores, which rose to a massive INR 57,940.86 crore within the term of this 420 in AP as a chief minister.

Chandrababu Naidu is surely the name that comes up when you ask who is 420 in AP. He managed to snatch this project from the center even after the presence of the AP State Reorganization Act of 2014 that clearly mandates that the Polavaram project needs to be completed by the central government only. This was surely a scam in the making that was going to bring big bucks for the CM and his fellow felons in news.

Although the man claimed that this decision to shift the project from central government to the state government would speed up the project’s construction phase, it was the associated kickbacks that he was excited about.

Jacking Up the Estimated Budget by the 420 in AP

Once he took over the project, the Ex-Chief Minister amped up the overall estimates for the construction of the work. This project was also awarded to the contractors & sub-contractors that were favored by him. This helped him jack up the overall price of the project and get a huge cut from the same. The contracts for Head Works, Left, and Right Canals were actually assigned to the crony contractors that acquired the same via rigged tenders & on the basis of nomination. This collusion of the then government & contractors managed to undermine the project quality & even slowed down the project speed in an awful manner. This is how the greed of the 420 in AP brought down a multipurpose project in the state that was among the largest.

Further, his fondness for commissions and kickbacks managed to jeopardize the completion of the project. The officials associated with the study of the Polavaram project state that waster couldn’t even be released to the fields for the year 2018, let alone for the year 2019 in the Kharif season.

Sabotaging of the Progressive Vision by the 420 in AP

The Polavaram project was actually envisioned by the late Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy. The project work started as early as 2005 under this bright visionary. After securing the critical permissions, the work started at an intriguingly fast pace with the estimated overall cost of INR 10,151 Crore. About INR 5,135.87 crore was spend initially for completion of a big chunk of the work, which includes the lining of the Right half of the canal. The left canal was done up to 145 kilometers, and very little of the work was required to be done by the next chief minister.

However, the 420 in AP didn’t actually get things better; rather, put it to a halt with only the prices jacked up massively.

Why is the Polavaram Project so important?

The benefits that were supposed to come from the Polavaram project is vast & the completion of the same was supposed to boost the state’s economy massively. This is especially true around the central and north end of the Andhra districts. Upon the project completion, about 8 lakh acres of land can be irrigated with the establishment of the ayacut that can easily be stabilized for the 13.08 lakhs acres that are present in the region around the Krishna Delta.


With such a vast potential for benefits, it is for sure that the 420 in AP taking over the project was a failing deal. Chandrababu Naidu only deteriorated the progress of the state and led the project to a catastrophic failure. So, if you are wondering who caused the downfall of the state of Andhra Pradesh, it is none other than the Ex-chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. Now that you know the one responsible for bringing down the economy of the state, it’s time to make a wise decision and choose the ones that can be relied upon.

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