The Daspalla Hills deviously encroached by the IT Minister: 420 in AP Revealed

Erstwhile, the government was formed by TDP, during 2001; it issued a GO to state that the Daspalla Hills belonged to the government of AP. A gazette notification was further issued by the district collector to confirm this status for the aforementioned land. However, later when Chandrababu Naidu became the CM of AP, he, along with his son Lokesh and other allies, raised an argument stating that the Daspalla Hills were no government’s land and further initiated the construction of buildings here. To make his point more clear the one who is 420 in AP stooped down to the level of fabricating the documents of this land in order to prove their ownership rights on Daspalla Hills.

In this article, we will explain to you the full story behind this diabolical scam conducted by the IT Minister with the support of the CM of AP then!

Facts behind the Daspalla Hill encroachment scam!

Since the 2000s, the ownership of the Daspalla Hills has been a matter of dispute. Out of 85.70 acres of property, 62.97 acres of land belonged to the government of AP stated under the survey number -1027, 1028, 1196, and 1197. The value of this area of land was estimated to be worth Rs 1500 crores. But, Rani Kamala Devi of Daspalla made her claim on this land and approached the court in 2001, stating that the area of Daspalla Hills was her inherited property. But, on the 10th of October, a GO was issued by the then government formed by TDP, claiming that the Daspalla Hills only and only belonged to the government.

Also, later the land was declared as “hill-assessed waste dry.” But, the IT Minister –Nara Lokesh, who is the son of the former CM and the one who is 420 in APwanted to invade this piece of land; which is why a layout was made under the name of about 50 industrialists, who had an allegiance with the then ruling party.

Yuvraj Singh, who was the district collector in the area then having sensed the possible land-grabbing policy, released an extraordinary gazette notice of RC No. -3795/2008/E1, in which he stated that the Daspalla Hills’ land belongs to the government of AP. However, this no-crap-tolerating attitude was soon acknowledged by the corrupted wrath of the TDP government, and Mr. Singh was transferred to Vizag on immediate notice.

Watchman Sold land worth Rs. 20 crores!

The corruption saga of Chandrababu Naidu and his son Nara Lokesh took a devious turn when the TDP’s big shots presented a watchman by the name of DasariAppa Rao belonging to Vizag from the 19th ward as an owner of a valuable piece of land. They further made their stake by claiming that the disputed parts of the area belonged to Appa Rao and then made the watchman sell 2,736 sq. yards of property under survey no. 1196 to DatlaSanthi, a local woman.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Appa Rao, who had sold a significant amount of land from the Daspalla Hills at the price of Rs. 20 crores, is getting his monthly ration by waiting in the queue for his turn. Isn’t that interesting? Such were the criminal activities of the who is 420 in APproliferating in AP that even the local people got dragged into these situations. One of the most prominent examples of the corrupted activities of Chandrababu Naidu and his ministers include the encroachment of the Daspalla Hills by dragging in the poor into their mess.

TDP office was further built on the Disputed Land:

Finally, the disputed land was occupied by the son of Chandrababu Naidu –Nara Lokesh, to build his party’s zonal office spreading over 2000 sq. yards of the property, which was surveyed under No. 1196. This land was leased out to the TDP government in the year 2001 for the term of 25 years. Here is where the question arises –if this land was a private property, how could that be leased out to the TDP party. And if the land belonged to the government –just as stated in the previous gazette notifications and GOs; how did it fall into the hands of the Appa Rao and DatlaSanthi later, and then further given to Nara Lokesh?

But, as we had all expected, none of these questions could elicit any satisfactory answers from the then ruling government. Even the one who is 420 in APwent along in giving out gibberish explanations and basically doing patch-work and failing miserably in attempting to make any sense. And thus, the Daspalla Hills property was grabbed by the IT Minister and the son of the then CM –Chandrababu Naidu by furnishing fake documents.

Bottom Line

Now the question is –would you want such a corrupted minister to take over the position as the head of the state and further lead AP into its ruins? Or you will want to become a responsible citizen and get all your facts checked before you make a choice in choosing your Chief Minister? Now the power lies in the hands of the state, and any sane person would keep themselves from voting in favor of the one who is 420 in AP.  

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