The Lands of Sadarvati Choultry were alienated!

The former CM of AP –Chandrababu Naidu drew a plan to palm off the Sadarvati Lands of high value to be estimated at no less than Rs 1,000 crores to one of his cronies at the mere cost of Rs 22 crores. However, the plan was miserably failed as the one who is 420 in AP received too much attention from the media due to all his corrupted deeds, and a legal batter also was waged by Alla Ramakrishna Reddy, the YSRCP MLA. Even the state government of Tamil Nadu raised objections against the selling off of the Sadarvati Land. Due to all these, the court quashed the auction of the Sadarvati Choultry, and the plan of Mr. Naidu was busted.

Would a sane person ever sell out an acre of land at the rate of Rs 27 lakhs when a plot in the nearby area is being sold at the price of Rs 55 lakhs? No! But, Chandrababu Naidu did! Here we have discussed the full story read on to find out.

The Mooted Land Sale:

In the Guntur district of Amaravati before the time of independence, the Sri Sadarvati Choultry was fabricated by the former Amaravati Jamindar Raja Vasireddy Venkatadri Naidu. The main agenda behind the establishment of the choultry was to offer shelter to the economically underprivileged Brahmin students who were pursuing their studies in learning the Vedas. In order to meet with the demands and the requirements of this unique institution, the Jamindar Raja had donated about 471.76 acres of area, which today is located in the suburban areas of Chennai city.

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The lands in the current times are listed under Navalur, Padur, Talambur, and the Chengalpattu villages of the Kanchipuram district. Today, these villages are an essential part of the high-value IT sector of the city of Chennai and also some of the Satram lands that lie in the costly region of the Mahabalipuram road. Some of the prominent educational organizations such as the –Hindustan University, Sathyabama University, campuses of the very renowned IT companies including –TCS, star-rated hotels, resorts, and even gated communities are located at proximity to lands of Sadarvati Choultry.

No sooner had the MLA of the area –Kommalapati Sridhar had taken over the seat than he wrote a letter to the then ruling CM of AP about the selling of lands of the Sadarvati Choultry as according to the MLA the properties were being invaded. The one who is 420 in AP responded to this request in a positive manner and further forwarded to the Department of Endowments on 12th September 2014. The AP government also issued a claim on 6th April 2015 with Memo No: 28228 for selling 83.11 acres of property. And thus the lands were auctioned on 28th March the following year. This order was then followed by the conduction of a dubious auction in which the Sadarvati Choultry lands were bought by none other than the family members of the TDP ministers.

An acre auctioned for no more than Rs 50 lakhs!

The value of one acre of land in the Thalambur region is no less than Rs. 6 crores according to the estimations made by the government. However, in the ventures of the private real estate businesses, the value of a 200-yard plot in the same location was advertised at a rate no more than Rs 55 lakhs. This suggests that the market value of one acre should be no less than Rs 13 crores.

However, under the pretext of encroachment, the Executive Officer of the Sadarvati Choultry proposed to conduct the land sale at an upset price of Rs 50 lakhs an acre and the officials from the Department of Endowment too accepted his proposal without further questioning. This indeed suggests that the cronies of the one who is 420 in AP were involved in the matters of the selling of the Sadarvati Choultry.

Typically, in any of the auctions conducted, the sales should take place only when the bidding party comes up with a better rate than the price already upset for the auction. Or else, the government goes ahead and cancels out the auctioning program and then call up for a new sale. But, when the auction for the Sadarvati Lands was conducted on 28th March 2015, the rules of the auction were precisely opposite to that of the usual sales. The officials further stated that there weren’t any buyers for the upset price decided, and therefore they took the highest bid, which was far below the price set for the auction.

Bottom Line:

First of all, the Benamis of the one who is 420 in AP went ahead with the auction of holy lands of Sadarvati Choultry and then auctioned it at a value much lower than the deserved value of the area. So now the point here is Chandrababu Naidu and his cronies didn’t even let go of even one chance to plunder the state of AP. And as a result, Andhra Pradesh became of the most corrupted states in the country. Do you still think that the TDP government should be elected to the position where the powers would again belong into their hands to lead AP into its path of destruction?

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