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  • The capital city lands were snatched away by the cronies of Chandrababu Naidu and their benamis.
  • Narayana, SujanaChowdary, Murali Mohan, and several others have benefitted from the real estate transactions that were made possible due to the insider information they had access to.
  • Narayana (3,600 acres), SujanaChowdary (700 acres), Nara Lokesh (500 acres), and many others profited from the act and earned thousands of crores.

The Beginning

  • Sivaramakrishnan Committee’s recommendations on the location of the capital city were completely ignored.
  • The ruling party has spread misinformation through its media outlets, which hyped Nuzvid and Nagarjuna University areas as the prospective capital locations. This has created a real estate buzz in those areas. As a result, the land prices of the Amaravati area have plummeted.
  • When realtors and the general public were busy buying lands in these two areas, Chandrababu Naidu (the real who is 420 in AP) and his cronies purchased huge tracts of land Amaravati region at throwaway prices.
  • Once the true location of the capital city was announced, the gullible realtors and the people who bought lands around Nuzvid and Nagarjuna University areas incurred heavy losses. The farmers who sold their property in the Amaravati area realized that they were entrapped.

By then, Chandrababu, his stooges, and their benamis made a killing of Rs. 1 lakh crore.

Chandrababu’s Failed Promises

To entrap the farmers of the capital region, Chandrababu Naidu (the real who is 420 in AP) made several false promises. He boasted that he was going to build a world-class capital city.

To add to it, he promised to wave off the farm loans up to Rs.15 lakh for the farmers of the capital city region. Later, he backtracked from the promise and even commented that the farmers could not become this greedy. The farmers were never committed to waiving the loans, and Mr. Naidu did what he promised.

He promised a monthly pension of Rs.2,500 to the tenant farmers and farm laborers of the capital region but has not fulfilled his promise yet.

Chandrababu Naidu also promised the skill training and jobs to the unemployed youth of the capital region. He got them trained by the nameless company and finally told them that there were no jobs. Many a time, he said that not even a single village would be removed; however, three communities are on the verge of being wiped out.

He promised fee reimbursement to all the students, but not even a single student has received the compensation so far.

Land Pooling – A Scandal Truly of World Class

Chandrababu Naidu (the real who is 420 in AP) has executed a major scandal in the name of land pooling. He decided to collect 38,737 acres of fertile, multi-crop land from 29 villages. Initially, most of the farmers refused to part away with their land, their sole livelihood. However, Chandrababu Naidu used several tactics to trick the reluctant farmers.

He made benamis of his party leaders voluntarily offer their 5,000 acres of land for land pooling. He then used his social media friends to create a propaganda wave to make farmers believe that those who refuse to surrender their lands would be the ultimate losers. This did the truck. The government and its media could make the farmers cede their lands voluntarily.

Chandrababu Naidu (the real who is 420 in AP) also used the caste card to “pool” the land. He divided the resisting farmers based on the caste lines by sending the ministers from the respective castes to counsel the farmers, and finally, they were made to give away their lands.

Though the government said that the land pooling was a voluntary process, it was anything but voluntary. While the government openly forced to collect the lands from reluctant farmers, the lands of the then Chief Minister and his cronies were fully protected from pooling. For instance, the capital region limit stopped exactly 10 meters away from the Lingamaneni Estates, which belongs to Lingamaneni Ramesh, a close aide of Chandrababu Naidu. As a return gift, the Chief Minister got a palace-like guest house and shares in Lingamaneni Estates.

Babu ensured full protection of the lands of his cronies and their benamis and ensured that the development projects were established near their lands.

Concluding Remarks

The well-articulated drama lasted for months, and finally, the people of the state had to pay for the price. Chandrababu Naidu looted the state from every possible way and rendered the state crippled. The Chandrababu Naidu’s regime saw scandals worth lakhs of crores, which is still prevalent today. It would take years or even decades to recover from the economic crisis and could not be ignored at all costs. Truly, Chandrababu Naidu is the real who is 420 in AP.

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